Wizard Powers

by soap flossers

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These songs are thematically interconnected

All songs recorded using Pro Tools 10


released 09 October 2014

All songs written, performed, recorded, engineered by Matthew Caleb Flamm
Album art by Ella Flamm



all rights reserved


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soap flossers Rockford, Illinois

soap flossers is the suburban folk project of Matthew Caleb Flamm and Jennifer Rea. Flamm's songs are lyrically rich, and range across a spectrum of styles and themes. Flamm would feel artistically fulfilled if after listening to his music a listener said: "hey, this sounds just like Ray Davies would sound if he had read Sherwood Anderson!" ... more

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Track Name: Inanimate Objects
You make me mad at those inananimate objects
I got to check if that text you sent’s authentic
This sentiment talking wants inanimate objects
If I was a chicken then your words were made for choppin off heads

And I can’t believe that you said that
Can’t believe you would ever want to talk again
Can’t believe you would spread that view
Can’t believe no I just don’t believe you

You make me want to kick an inananimate object
Which seems unfair to it, it’s you I am pissed off at
This sentiment working wants an inanimate object
If you were a cleaver then I would be a steel missile landing on you

And I can’t believe you could think that
No I can’t ever again want to break bread with you
I can’t ever sleep in beds that
You’ve made, without worrying that I might wake up with lead shoes

In a plastic bag
In a dirty lake
In a lonely bog
Full of poison snakes

In a far land
Without any hope
Without any love
Without any rope

And I am mad, bullied and resplendent
In a trance
Frozen as an amber insect for you

Call me Matt Flamm inanimate

Shall we dance?

Just like we were always mean to

You make me mad at those inanimate objects
I hate these pillows and those clothes in the closet
This sentiment sounds strange, but everyone has got it
It’s almost like we come to use these objects as scapegoats where there’s no proof
Track Name: He's in Love
He’s in love

See it right away

He can go over the sunshine

He can go anywhere, anytime

She’s in love…

She can walk water and not sink

Tread over deserts and never drink…

They’re in love…

You’ll fall in love too when you see

Only the way that they seem to be

They’re in love…
Just doesn’t happen every day
Track Name: The Lowering
She loves her anxieties
Like a dear dear friend who goes back to the old days

And everybody gets pulled in the wake of her big waves
Big waves
Big waves

She is an Ahab monomaniac for the white whale
White whale

Call me Ishmael

And here is a lowering
Fetch Queequeg
Here is the lowering
Clear the decks
This is the lowering
Put it down men!
Lose your legs!

I’m pulling like a whalebone triphammer
Possessed on a quest that she’s given me
And the oil that’s to be the material gain
Is just a drop in the pool of her anxieties

She loves her anxieties
So much she shall have your love too
Track Name: Unadulterous Glimpse of You
Do you ever find, you could just, punch your fist through the wall?

And sound reasoning words of a good friend

They don’t help you at all

Do you ever find, that you might, kick your foot through a door?

And the thought of its gross absurdity

Makes you want to kick more

Don’t you ever find, that your rage, says as much as your love?

Each one opens yourself to yourself in a way that gives others

Unadulterous glimpse of you

Unadulterous glimpse of you

You can now be confident that you’ll be watched
In all that you do

It’s in our love and our rage we give not just what
But who we are

In our

Unadulterous glimpse of you
Track Name: What is On the Way
Look here all around
What is on the way?

And you saw me wonder
Caught arrested

Couldn’t find it then
So I look today

Yeah you see me wonder
Searching under
Every day

What if it didn’t reach at you anymore?

Look here all around
Just what is on the way?

You make me fumble
Scratch and battle
Every day

Couldn’t find it there
So I looked away

And the searches settle nothing and things reinstate

What if I didn’t care anymore?

...what if I couldn't feel anything?

Look here all around
What is on the way?

You saw me through a veil darkly yesterday
It was all I could do not to break up everything
Track Name: Dim
He was dim as a king in the last days of his reign
And couldn’t see it right in front of him

And his friends and his wife only served to help along
The big illusion that had settled in

There was the wind assassin that he trained himself
To keep the burned up ashes on the ground

From the fires he’d started with untraceable matches
To the gags he’d used to muffle sound

Yes he was dim as a king in the last days of his reign
He just kept ruling as though he was some Charlemagne

Nudging his subjects of the second Carolingian
Reminding them of their right domain

Yes he was dim as a king in the last days…

He was dim as a king in the last days of his reign
You could have easily befriended him

He needed more assassins to protect himself
From the scores of enemies he made

From the throats he’d opened with disposable razors
To the wrists he’d gone and put in chains

Yes he was dim as a king in the last days of his reign
He just kept ruling even though it was obvious

To everyone else of the 2nd Carolingian
Never again could they trust this man
Track Name: We Don't Love Enough
'We don't love enough...'

For years we've heard you say these words
These words you mean to flay and hurt
The hardest part is that you're right
We don't love enough...

We don't love enough...

All these years you've used this phrase, we've heard
We've turned it into shame, and turned away
But the hardest part is that it's right: 'We don't love enough'
Track Name: Trapped in Beavers
Trapped in furs
Trapped in beavers

This one’s hers
High achiever

One step shy of the capital city

Respect’s high
For the tit committee

Only milk remains

Trapped in furs
Trapped in beavers

Take her curves
When you leave her

Just short north of delicattesan
Jump up porch

And give your blessings

To the milky stains

Trapped in furs
Trapped in beavers

Racial slurs
Can’t believers

This was supposed to be the new millennium

Split up, but in a new compendium

Down the milky drain

Trapped in furs
Trapped in beavers

This was worse
Found that he was

DIY of the century senate

For William Bennett

And the milk refrain
Track Name: Wake Up Now
I will wake up now and I will talk a lot
I’ll be glad you’re there so I can
Talk a lot

I will wake up now and I will talk a lot
I will make these noises for you
Talk a lot

Bout how this one girl gets on my nerves
She’s always hanging around the office
Chirping like a bird

It’s all so pitiful

I will wake up now and I will talk a lot
I won’t be kind or fair
But I will talk a lot

I will wake up now and I will talk a lot
Bout things you may not care
But I’ll still talk a lot

Bout how this one dude always complains
Behind the scenes but then at meetings, let’s just say

It’s pretty pitiful

But I will wake up now and I will talk a lot
And you will listen nicely and just nod a lot…

You should hear
What they’re saying about you

They say he’s always goes by the
Round way
Tucking singles in the strings

They wonder where he gets all his money
What with he pulls budget strings

Mister mister, wake up now

You should hear
What they say about you

I hear she runs around with the doughheads
Flicking their batter on the beds

You can tell just from looking at her hair
You should hear what they said …
Track Name: Wizard Powers
To do that magic you need a bigger wand...

Children don’t listen
To what their parents say

So they fight that truth
And they find out anyway

(Working in the mine...)

Human's got wizard powers....

To do that magic you need a bigger wand...

Parents won’t listen
To what their children say

When they fight that truth
They learn the harder way

(Working in the mine...)

Human's got wizard powers...

To do that magic you need a bigger wand...
Track Name: All I Want For You
All I want for you
Is the best of life
All I want to do

Is see before I die
That twinkle in your eye

See that proverbial moth to the flame

Nothing is worth having but suffering would make it so
You can train your habits just be ready when they don’t

Give you what you want

Yes I don’t want anything for you but what you want
And I don’t want anything for you but what you need

And that’s why the only thing I fear
Is this take-out, make-up, brand-corpse, future; one-and-done, toss-out, processed, loser

All I want for you
Is not to care what I
Want, and I will do

Anything that you like
I’ll even book a flight

Even just to get out of your way

If something is worth having it’s only you who’ll know
And just to make it harder it’ll probably be something no…

Body else wants…

…that’s why the only think that I fear, is…

Here my love
Here’s your chance!
Track Name: Until I Held Your Hand
I didn’t know you when you were a window
Through which everybody else could look

I didn’t know you when you were a door
Through which anybody else could walk

I didn’t know you at the sandwich counter
I didn’t know you at the corner stand
I didn’t know you at McCormick’s bar
I didn’t know you until held your hand

I didn’t know you when you were a floor on which
On which anybody else could stand

I didn’t know you when you were a drawer in which
Anything could be stored

I didn’t know you on the midnight walks
And I didn’t know you after all that talk
I didn’t know you even then
I didn’t know you until I held your hand